Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trailer Trash: Tout Chantant! Tout Dansant!

Deneuve! Dorléac! Darrieux! Chakiris! Kelly! Piccoli! Les Demoiselles de Rochefort is like a slightly too-rich slice of French pastry. Visually, it's Valley of the Dolls on (more) speed; the singing is shall-we-say variable; and the dancing is just all over the place, from the Deneuve-Dorléac sisters gleeful and entrancing amateurism to the exhausting energy of Mr. West Side Story. The trailer is actually a fairly good précis, although it does shortchange the divine Danielle.


  1. Don't forget Grover Dale as Chakiris's friend & cohort. Dale was a fabulous Broadway dancer (Lil' Abner chorus, Snowboy in West Side Story), movie dancer and choreographer who had quite a career in NY and Hollywood.

    He also had quite a personal life. He was Anthony Perkins understudy in Greenwillow on Broadway and had a 6 year relationship with Perkins. That ended when both men got married. Dale went from this to this - which I consider quite a change of pace.

    But he sure could dance.