Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The People Have Spoken

It is with great relief that I can announce that we have now solved one of the mysteries of the ages:

Yes, with the benefit of input from our beloved regulars, we can now aver that, at least as far as public opinion is concerned: it's an ottoman.

More of you, it seems, were willing to accept the idea that screen legend Constance Bennett would wear a small piece of furniture on her head (perhaps after an unfortunate pre-wedding-reception martini or six) than to consider that such a notably fashionable lady would wear what one Gentle Reader described as "a human hair pill box type hat".

Whatever it is, I hope we can agree that it is one of the most atrocious objects ever incorporated into a star's wardrobe. I've searched and searched and can find no indication that the early sixties harbored a forgotten trend for hats made of hair, and I can only assume that Miss Bennett's predilection for being noticed at all costs overcame her generally good fashion sense.

With that behind us, perhaps we can all move on to more important things. Perhaps it's time to address the eternal "Rita vs. Chita" conundrum, or, for that matter, Old vs. New Darrin. Hmmmm...

1 comment:

  1. Ottomans (ottomen?) aside, it is first, last and always Chita!

    And, in my book, it is neither old nor new Darrin. It is most definitely Aunt Clara...followed rather closely by Esmerelda.