Sunday, April 12, 2009

Doris and Elaine Go Shopping

Elaine always took Doris from the office shopping; here she's asking her to hold her Haber's bag while she tries on an uncharacteristically monochrome housedress.

A sofa in Better Dresses: hallmark of fine shopping everywhere.


  1. Is Elaine wearing Constance Bennett's ottoman on her head?

  2. I hope that dress has a long zipper to get past the bouffant.
    P.S. Infomaniac sent ne - and i'm delighted to be here.

  3. That's right. I take complete responsibility for KAZ.

    She's a lovely person (for a Mancunian) and she's a long-time Infomaniac bitch.

    But when she's been drinking (i.e. most of the time) you'll find her wiglet askew and a tendency to swear like a sailor.

  4. Sounds like she'll fit in just fine.

    And I was going to make some inappropriate crack about Doris's lesbonic leer, but I'm not in the mood.

  5. I was sent here by MJ of Infomaniac

    Good Lord! How many cans of hairspray did they go through to get that height and hold? And I'm curious as to how many endangered species were culled to make that stunning number Elaine is wearing.

  6. Elaine is handing her a bag of Aqua Net and rat tail combs. I do want that outfit, though.

  7. Another one of my bitches got loose and ran over here.

    Actually, we’ve been having a mix’n’mingle party where everyone had to visit a blog on my blogroll that they’ve never visited before.

    Eroswings is a sweetie and he looks good half-nekkid too! (first pic).

  8. Figures this is the kind of thing that the Infomaniacs go for. And a very good thing, too.

    I think, Kaz, that Elaine pretty much relies on step-in fashions - the perils of working around the hair are just too intense. Even her T-shirts zip up the back. Whether or not they have no bones, I cannot say.

  9. Oh, and MJ - I think this is what the remnants of the ottoman looked like after a combout.

    Elaine does look like the kind of gal who wouldn't hesitate to snatch an ottoman of the head of fading Hollywood star if she caught her dozing...