Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Me and the Misses Joan


Children, it has to stop somewhere. Herewith, Miss de Havilland's baby sister, as she flips through her bedside book of bad childhood memories, looking for more reasons to continue what is still, in these late days of the first decade of the 21st century, Hollywood's longest-running feud.

I think we'll let her stand as the poster-girl for all the other Joans out there, great and small, - Rivers, Van Ark, Jett, Allen, Hickson, the great Blondell; slight variants Woodward and Worley (now there's a Vaudeville team); historical sisters d'Arc, Pope, and la Loca; fictional namesakes Holloway and She-Who-Loved-Chachi.

We adore them all. But it's time to move on, no?


  1. this game can go on for a lonnnnnng time. did this as a series once - favorites.


    do more!

  2. But it's time to move on, no?

    No! No! I’m jonesin’ for more Joans!