Saturday, April 11, 2009

Is He Or Isn't He?

I mean, of course, after this week's elections, is the handsome Mr. Adrian Maulana a member-elect of the Indonesian parliament? I can't seem to track down any news, and even his Indonesian Wikipedia page is (even in translation) of no use (although it does disclose two discouraging facts: he was born in 1977, for Christ's sake, and, all appearances to the contrary, he's married. Alas.).

So, until some Gentle Reader can update us, we'll have to settle for this remarkable commercial, in which Our Boy (conveniently identified as a "Selebriti") shills for what appears to be some kind of invigorating nutritional supplement made from Andean roots. You'll want to sit through the rather interminable Peruvian and "scientific" footage for the ad's second half. Believe me, you will.


  1. Did he say "stamina!" as he made a fist?

  2. Thanks for urging us to stick out the odd blend of peruvian science. I was close to bailing after the guy chomp into half of that inedible looking root, but the Little Miss Selebriti was worth it.

  3. Yes it was a fist...And having worked in Jakarta before, I call tell you that "stamina" in Indonesian means sexual stamina