Saturday, April 25, 2009

Doris and Elaine - Still Shopping

Yup - our favorite Haber's shoppers are still at it! Here Doris (who has apparently taken as her fashion guru Captain Kangaroo, right down to the piping) is trying desperately to think of something nice to say about Elaine's latest choice.

Don't you wish you could see it all in color? I'm thinking Doris's pantsuit is red, Elaine's animal print is a saturated version of the real thing, and her quite astonishing 'do is a festival of frosts and beiges. I can't image what shades that floral frock came in, but for Elaine to look that pleased, I'm think pink must be involved.

The carpet, of course, is pea green, in two slightly different shades - it would seem that Haber's fitting area - but not the sales floor proper, even in Better Dresses - featured shag carpeting. Who said that the Watergate era lacked elegance? Elaine certainly knows better than that...