Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just a Jack Knife

I seem to be in a teutonic mood today - perhaps it was that kind of week - and after Dietrich, it seems an obvious progression to Lenya.

Here, in a truly shocking clip from 1962 (and under the direction of Ken Russell, no less), La Lotte shows us how us how it's done, in two and a half minutes that are an evocation both of the birth of Fascism and of the spirit of Cabaret.

Enjoy, among the shudders...


  1. well, I smell a nachtmare or two coming tonight.

  2. Lovely! Thanks for posting this,I've never seen it. By Ken Russell? He's one of my faves, what is it from?

  3. Apparently, it's from a 1962 episode of a BBC series called "Monitor" that featured Lenya singing Weill. Quite astonishing....