Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fashion Victim

Proof positive that even the greatest beauties can suffer serious, serious glamour-stumbles - one can only think that the stylist at this catwalk event was in the pay of one of our dear Mr. Upen Patel's Bollywood rivals.

In between rebuffing the Ganges-Gorgeous one's ceaseless protestations of devotion, I have to keep reminding him that, when it comes to clothing, less is more. This sarong is a step in the right direction, for example, but I remain hopeful he'll take it a step further.


  1. While at catwalk, he can take the entire thing off and term it “wardrobe malfunction”. Seriously, I haven’t come across a bigger nut than Upen.

  2. Let's be perfectly clear, shall we? In the top photo he's wearing of them cheap Indian bedspreads from Pier One and yet, I would climb up under there in a hot second.

  3. Yeah, it's sad but true - we're not exactly all over him for his common sense and penetrating wit...