Thursday, April 16, 2009


Gable. He made me love him.


  1. Give him an Altoid and let me at him!

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  3. Yeah. He made my grandmother love him too. That's where uncle Bob came from. My mom recently found her marriage certificate, on which the year has been obviously altered from 1932, to read 1931, crudely covering up the fact that her firstborn had been out of wedlock. She thought she was taking take the secret to her grave, but the whole family knew.

    Really, it's not something you ask your grandma about!)

    Following her memorial service a few years back, my mom pulled grandma's sister aside and was able to confirm the truth.

    Grandma was raised in Kanab, Utah, where a number of Hollywood westerns were filmed. She and her sister would visit the sets. That's where she met a young Clarke Gable while he filmed his first talkie, "The Painted Desert."

    The story goes that he asked her to come back to Hollywood with him, but her mother would not allow it.

    Uncle Bob bore a striking resemblance to Clarke, not only in appearance, but demeanor. He loved fast boats and cars - and women (no, not fast women - just women). My mom says the reason his fourth (and our favorite) wife "stuck," is because she could "keep up with him and looked great in a bikini."