Monday, April 6, 2009

Ten Things This Image Makes Me Think About

  1. The Truman era was truly a time apart.
  2. A time when first ladies appeared in public wearing novelty prints.
  3. Perle Mesta (seen here departing for Luxembourg) looks to have been almost as much fun as Ethel Merman.
  4. Margaret Truman looked an awful lot like her father. Her father in a black crêpe afternoon dress.
  5. Nostalgia for hats may be slightly overvalued.
  6. Even the firmest foundations could only do so much.
  7. Daytime corsages: when exactly did they leave the scene completely?
  8. I really, really wish we could see the shoes.
  9. Especially if we could do so without having to see the calves.
  10. Do public personages ever look this purely happy in photographs nowadays?


  1. This begs another question while we're thinking of Perle Mesta:

    Whatever became of Dagmar & Sigfred, those Park Avenue darlings, the Nordstrom Sisters? They performed at Perle's parties.

    And now I will go back to my work with Mrs. Sally Adams requests the pleasure of your company... on an endless loop in my head.

    If someone in my office would sing counterpoint, I'd also be launching into You're Just in Love. Thank goodness no one will. My voice is best left for the car and shower.

  2. You need some. One who's oldah/
    Lay your head. On my shouldah.

    Perle looks a lot like my grandmother Baldridge.

  3. Ask and you shall be given, seek and you shall find... You can see Perle's shoes...and I think the same the following picture: