Thursday, April 30, 2009

It Tolled for Them

The seventies truly were another world. Here, fashions of the day, as modeled by what looks like four random actors auditioning for leads in The Boys in the Band.


  1. They look sort of like gay Sims or nellie androids. Fagbots.

    And Apache shirts! Woo hoo!

  2. "Fagbots"...teehee.

    “come in a Ring-a-Ding assortment of colours and fabrics”…

    Somehow I can’t imagine this as commentary as they parade down the catwalk.

  3. I thought it was an ad for a Star Trek episode where the crew of the Enterprise are teleported to San Fransisco in the mid 70's.

    Captain Kirk rocks his white pants and bags two sweet young things (played by Tina Cole and Bridget Hanley) at a local discotheque.

    Dr. Spock gets roped into a blond dye job by a fey hairdresser (played by Charles Nelson Reilly)with an ear fetish.

    The fellow on the right will exchange some sweet dialogue and overheated looks with Uhuru but will, of course, be killed before the romance can be consumated.

    And dear Mr. Sulu on the left will grow quite attached to CNR's hairdresser and decide to remain in the Promised Land when the rest of the crew returns to the ship.