Friday, April 24, 2009

Beautiful and New

Audio-collagist Pogo got a fair amount of cyber-attention a while back with a techno-distillation of samples from Disney's Alice in Wonderland, making something rich and strange of that generally misbegotten Carroll adaptation.

Here he works his magic on a few moments from The King and I. It's hypnotic, unsettling, and disorienting - just the thing for a bucolic weekend morning. I may never see Deborah Kerr in quite the same way.


  1. I misread that as 'bubonic' weekend morning and suddenly felt the need to lie down with a cold compress.

  2. Oh jesus, I usually am all about new twists on old favorites but this really annoys me. Eh.

  3. Now, now MJ - the climate in these parts may be fierce, but for the moment we are proudly plague-free!

    And sorry, Krista, that it didn't appeal. Do check out the Alice vid - maybe that will do the trick...