Friday, April 3, 2009


Sadly, missing from this series are the posters for Caligula Takes a Trip, Swing Shift Caligula, and Caligula and Messalina Meet a Brooklyn Gorilla.


  1. Mrs. Caligula's Lovers

    Caligula in Pink Tights.

    I was a Teenage Caligula

  2. Caligula Goes Hawaiian (with Deborah Walley)

    Caligula Goes to Rome (naturally)

    Caligula Grows Up (with Karen Valentine)

    Caligula Gets Married (the disappointing Monie Ellis)

    and, last but not least,

    Caligula's Summer Reunion.

    And that wraps up Caligula week on The Four-Thirty Movie.

  3. I'm a big fan of Caligula: Butt Busters IV.

  4. Really, the richness was endless, even if the British go at the genre (Carry On, Cali!) was a bit of a fizzle.

    Only slightly more successful was Monogram's attempt at integrating a detective theme, with the series that included Caligula's Murder Cruise and ended ignominiously with Caligula and the Curse of the Dragon Queen.

    But the real bottom of the barrel was last year's attempt at resuscitating the franchise, with Caligula vs. Predator...

  5. Don't forget Caligula Forever with a pre-gut Val Kilmer as the Emperor Caligula and Drew Barrymore and Debi Mazar as Sugar & Spice.

  6. don't forget,"all about caligula" and "a letter to three caligulas."