Sunday, May 17, 2009

Young, Gifted, and Slack

Another fine campaign by the good folks at h.i.s., the people who brought you HomoJeans™. I think they should be commended for not going with "Slack is Beautiful," if nothing else.

Actually, they should be commended for nothing else, if only for writing perhaps the most demonstrably untrue line of copy in advertising history: "Our Post Grad Slacks have soul." First of all, what the hell are "post grad slacks"? It's a phrase I associate more with feckless academics than fashion, and frankly most post-grad slackers I've met were not the plaid pants type.

Second: plaid slacks just plain don't have soul, and if I, perhaps the least soulful person this side of Lovey Howell, can see that, certainly the average American consumer will.

Finally: if they put the damn things on a gentleman not without a certain allure (and apparently with a baseball bat in his front pocket) and they still look like that? All told, I think there's a reason we haven't heard anything lately from h.i.s.


  1. I've only ever seen slacks like this on a Ken Doll and The Bay City Rollers.

    Neither benefitted.

  2. ...and I think even Ken had the good sense to pass them on to Allen after one wearing...