Monday, May 4, 2009

Wedding Bell Blues

It takes all kinds, of course, and nowhere more so than in marriage. Herewith, a few close encounters with a wide variety of spouses.

There is, for example, the self-published confession...

Some of which appear to be attempting to ride the latest news trend - with, in this case, a somewhat incongruous jauntiness.

Hollywood couldn't get enough of the theme, dragging in aliens...

...not to mention the occult...

...and even the very ordinary - unless, I suppose, there's some surprise in Diana Dors being a woman - or in George Gobel marrying?

I really can't say what's happening here, but it does strike me as odd that Martians would follow footwear trends started by the Wicked Witch of the East.

This one raises the inevitable question: just how big and fat was the wedding?

This hardly seems a gallant thing to say, Mrs. Christopher Walken!

And while this may seem frightening enough, politically speaking...

I think few will deny that this is the scariest of them all.


  1. Here's mine, ripped from my personal headlines:

    I Married a Guy
    I Married a Lawyer
    I Married a Lawyer Guy Who Never Folds the Laundry

  2. Good idea, mrpeenee. These are mine:

    I Married a Catholic Priest ~ a tragedy in 8 chapters

    I Married a Pathological Liar & Drug Addict ~ a comedy in 6 months

    I Married My Best Friend ~ a mistake that turned out just fine

    I Married a Cowboy ~ a helluva ride and a harder fall

    I Married My Father ~ not really, but it sure felt like it

    I Married an Identical Twin ~ and the aforementioned BF married the other - larfs, hi-jinx & heartbreak followed

    I Married a Ballerina ~ and they lived happily ever after!

  3. My goodness - the biographical angle! I can contribute:

    I Married an EST Member - gee, that was fun-and-a-half...

    I Married the Tailor Motel Khamzoil - it was like our own little version of Bridget Loves Bernie. Not least in that it got pretty rapidly cancelled, amid some acrimony.

    I Married the Invisible Man - seven - count 'em, seven!, years of "yeah, maybe we'll do something next week..."

    I Married My Job - which seemed like a good idea at the time; and, finally:

    I Married an Egyptian - which turns out to have in fact been the best idea of all.

  4. I'd forgotten all about Bridget Loves Bernie.

    And yay for things turning out for the best.

  5. Jesus! That last one made me gag!!!!