Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gender Euphoria II

It look like we can add the divine Rudolph Valentino to the short list of exceedingly handsome men who can, against all odds, sport a turban and serious jewels and still retain more than a shred of masculinity. Actually, Rudy looks butcher here than he often did in far more conventional getups. There's a lesson there, somewhere...


  1. I'd add just a touch of eyeliner to him here.

    And he'd still look masculine.

  2. I have another one for the list if a bandolier counts as jewelry.

  3. I'm with you on the eyeliner MJ (and when am I not?), but I'm afraid, Bill, that your example (while toothsome) is firmly in the bedouin-turban, rather than the Norma Desmond-turban camp (accent on camp), which makes it all very different.

    And a bandolier only counts as jewellery if it's a Lacroix.