Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Many Friends of Lena Horne

Everybody loves Lena! And why not?

She's stunning, but not so much that she pulls focus entirely from - I'm guessing on the timeline here - Mrs. Warner;

She's equally at home tossing one back with Tony...

...or kindly leading a guest who may already have had enough to the nearest exit.

She's happy leaning on a guest (bonus points for anyone who can explain why Shirley showed up in a T-shirt, velour housedress, blazer, and pearls - maybe it's one of those reincarnation things?)...

...or herself providing a suprisingly strong knee on which to perch.

God knows she's more patient than I, not batting an eye at being nearly swept aside by Lucy's furs -

Or having her audience distracted when a pal stops by in an outfit only marginally more comprehensible than Shirley's.

And, like all genuine divas, she bursts into living color when at least she meets a true peer. Title this one "when goddesses embrace."

I like knowing that Lena is still with us, albeit quietly, her days of entwined cocktails and evicting junkies, perhaps to her relief, behind her. She's the real deal.


  1. The true divas know each other by their diamond-shaped gold earrings.

    Jessye tried to trump Lena by sporting double diva diamonds, but Lena wasn't having it and is all size queenie with the jumbo-sized single diva diamond.

  2. Regrets, I've had a few - but few greater than NOT seeing Lena Horne at Carnegie Hall in 1994.

    And with all due R-E-S-P-E-C-T, I have seen Ms. Franklin in concert, and I'll wager a guess that lovely Lena could still blow her off the stage.

    Metaphorically, of course. Literally, it would probably take an industrial sized fan, and lots of bacon fat on the floor.