Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rummage Update

Our local jumble sale (artist's impression)

Since I know you're dying to ask, but are simply too shy: the jumble sale was a triumph. We sold absolutely every item we took, right down to the last chipped cocktail glass, thanks in large part to Mr. Muscato's tireless salesmanship.

This landmark of the local spring calendar is an intense experience, especially in the first hour or so, when hundreds and hundreds of people looking to send large parcels back to their countries of origin are merciless in their bargaining. At some tables, the fainter-hearted simply collapse, and sell everything on offer for nothing at all; at ours, even the most intense haggler ran smack up against the impassive granite of The Egyptian, and we walked away a tireder but every-so-slightly richer family.

And now we face the delicious question of what to do with all that empty cupboard space...


  1. i love rummage sales!!! so much fun!

  2. Barbara Pym wold be so impressed. How very Excellent Women of you.

  3. with all that empty cupbaord space, I think that Barbie, Midge and the rest can finally be liberated from the storage locker.