Friday, May 1, 2009

That Olivier Woman

For no other reason than that she is so very lovely, a portrait of Lady Olivier. She could be a bit of a handful, temperament-wise, you know, and I'm not sure she's entirely happy with the photographer.

Vivien Leigh fun fact: you will relatively rarely find a posed photograph in which her hands are visible. Although others thought them perfectly fine, she was convinced they were large and ungainly - decades before Seinfeld coined the term, she disliked her man hands!


  1. I had a little chat once with Margery Gray Harnick who co-starred with Vivien on Broadway in the musical Tovarich. She said Ms. Leigh was lovely to the whole cast and frequently took other performers out for meals. She alluded to Leigh's sometimes frail state with some sadness and seemed quite fond of her.