Friday, May 15, 2009

Boundary Issues

Hmmm. Not to wax even vaguely territorial, and Lord knows he's got nothing to worry about in terms of competition from the Café, but couldn't an argument be made that in taking on the authorial career of Miss Arlene Dahl, dear Joe.My.God might be straying dangerously close to matters more usually dealt with by Thom, TJB, or even little me?

I mean, really - we don't spend too much time in the worlds of politics, circuit parties, or American Idol; can't he leave bemused appreciation of the follies of yesterday's stars to us? On the other hand, it's fun to see the regulars over there react; they're not quite sure what to make of it all, something that would certainly not give Bill, Jason, MJ, Marksparky, Peenee, Scooter, or Larry a moment's pause...


  1. Miss Dahl was personally guilty of #14 on her Chic is Not list when I encountered her jumping the line and getting haughty with the maitre d' on Michael Feinstein's opening night at his eponymous club at the Regency a few years back. Both her manner and her appearance fell very much into #6 territory on that same list.

    However, husband #6, Marc Rosen, a designer of packaging for cosmetics & fragrances, was quite charming and pleasant.

  2. Ha! I saw that there earlier and thought of you instantly.
    No lie!

  3. you are so right about me, muscato....

  4. So true, so very true. As I've always said, Arlene Dahl is the key to everything.