Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Lovely Lindas

A galaxy of Lindas, from the sublime to the ridiculous (your call as to which is which).

Each is in her own way the personification of Lindaness - which one best reflects your inner Linda?

Is it Miss Blair, a headturner from way back...

...or that minx Wonder Woman, who insists on her own spelling?

Could you find yourself identifying with stunning, tragic Linda Darnell...

...or the equally stunning if somewhat less ethereal Miss Evangelista?

Certainly a wide range of possibilities in considering the ideal feminine are presented in choosing between high-art thespian Miss Hunt...

...and the somewhat less elevated Miss Lovelace.

Lindas clearly make excellent musical muses; just ask Mrs. McCartney...

...or Mrs. Porter. Those two undoubtedly could have - and possibly are having - a riveting debate as to whether it's better to be bandmember or beard, artist or socialite, but whatever the result, I'm on the sometime Linda Lee's side.

This Linda made her own kind of music, which turns out to run from pop to swing to canciones Mexicanos...

While our final offering, I fear, is nobody's favorite Linda, a kind of Linda-in-reverse in comparison to the charm, talent, elegance, poise, and general Lindalicity that precedes her.

I don't know what it all means, but at the moment I'm feeling Porteresque, with a heaping helping of Ronstadt on the side.


  1. The lovely Sarospice and I have watched Roller Boogie over and over again. It only gets worse.

  2. My pal Miss Rheba and I are like that with Star Struck, with the signal exception that it keeps getting better...

  3. Roller Boogie also starred Roger Perry, Jo Anne Worley's husband of 20 some odd years. They divorced some years ago, and he's now married to Joyce Bulifant (her 5th husband - who knew Marie Slaughter had it in her?).

    Lynda Carter - vivid memories of her singing "Rubber Band Man" (with little men made of rubber bands) and "Orang Colored Sky" (as things crashed & bammed down from above) on The Muppet Show. And Miss Piggy as Wonder Pig.

    Always adored Ms. Darnell for appearing on film as both the BVM (in Song of Bernadette) and in the title role of Forever Amber scandalously sleeping her way up through the ranks of British society. Madonna/Whore indeed.

    Linda Hunt...The Killing Fields...I got into a disagreement with photojournalist Dith Pran at a conference just a few years before he died and tried to throw him out of the room.

    This post has fired far too many odd little dormant synpases in my brian. I'll stop.

  4. My idea of hell is going for Halloween as Pamela Sue Anderson, and someone saying to me, 'hey, great Linda Tripp!'