Thursday, May 14, 2009

On the Home Front

What would you say to a Thursday morning domestic update? The first day of our weekend always seems a good opportunity to review how Mr. Muscato, Koko, and I have been filling our days and nights, and of late we have been doing far too much.

Last weekend there were houseguests down from Dubai, always great fun of course, but it does mean making an effort. Our dear chums Mr. and Mr. Bear Circuit look on their occasional stops here as interludes in what is otherwise an exhausting-sounding round of travel to festivals from Spain to Hong Kong celebrating the, shall we say, larger physique. We caught them in between excursions, if memory serves, to Cape Town and Mumbai. It's kind of amusing to be thought of as their dull great-aunts, Mr. Muscato and I, as we gawp at their snaps of the most outlandish goings-on. They always call to mind the Divine Miss Midler's comment on S&M - "too many accoutrements, and then no one invites you over because you’re always dragging that shit along with you."

On Friday last we had a Major Office Dinner Party for 20 here at the Villa, followed immediately by a quick business trip to one of the Sultanate's smaller cities and a whole series of meetings, dinners, and other time-fillers for work visitors, not to mention an invite to a really rather glam embassy event (oh, we're Very Social, in our own little way, in these parts).

So we're rather in a state of short-term collapse, exacerbated by spending today - as soon as we get our own accoutrements together - getting ready for our local annual jumble sale. I've been putting things aside for weeks, but today comes the onerous tasking of actually sorting things out, figuring out what we'd like to get for the array of elderly tee-shirts and chipped mugs, and then getting all that nonsense packed into the MuscatoMobile tonight, as the event starts at a most indecent hour.

And how's by you?


  1. Musacto, Darling, I feel your pain. We are exhausted here in the Sultinate of New Jersey.

    Worked the store with my hubby this Saturday past to help with the Mother's Day rush. I was quite the Shop Girl and tied lovely bows on lots of little gift boxes..

    A Sunday jaunt to Easton with my parents in tow to visit my sister and her family and celebrate our sainted Irish mater familias.

    Up untill all hours Monday night out in the garage staining and waxing barnwood furniture from our Mennonite woodworker in Lancaster County PA.

    Up at 5 AM Tuesday (a day off from the Really Middling Insurance Company), to deliver said furniture to a dozen or so customers all over the county. Long but fun day with dear Ed.

    A fabulous 3-hour, 3-bottle dinner with friends last night at a local locavore bistro.

    Off to Blithe Spirit this evening with my better half.

    Collapse onto the sofa and into NetFlix Friday evening after work.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

  2. Oh, you two. What a couple of showoffs.

    I went to work, came home, fed the cat, went to bed.

    I'm exhuasted.

  3. Guest interludes?

    The only type of 'ludes' I enjoy are quaaludes.

    *resumes reclining position*