Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Perils of Hospitality

Mr. Muscato's pal The Teacher preparing stuffing
in the Café kitchen (artist's impression).

Anybody want some leftover turkey? It turns out that despite having ten in for dinner (and believe me, those girls eat) the other night, they were no match for 10 kilos of Butterball. Ermilia was a little ambitious on the mashed potatoes as well, although I'm proud to say that were mere spoonfuls left of my Thai Chili Glazed Carrots.

So we've made turkey stock, we've stocked a pair of turkey casseroles away, we've had turkey sandwiches - and still we're staring at a sizeable lump of the stuff wrapped up in the fridge. Even Koko is showing signs of tiring. Please - drop on in and we'll give you some.


  1. Darling, you know Dorothy Parker claimed eternity was two people and a ham. Same thing.

    Turkey tetrazzini is just turkey and spaghetti baked in white sauce with a generous slug of sherry. Tres, tres Tilling.

    And I'm very taken with the artist's model. So fetching in his frilly bits.

  2. oh mrpeenee (and dear Dotty), thank you for that! I'll be using it.