Tuesday, May 5, 2009

But Where's Bert Parks?

All the brouhaha back home about Carrie Prejean, Miss California USA and highly unlikely pundit, has turned my wandering mind to things that really matter: beauty pageants. When they involve men, do they become handsomeness pageants? Somehow, no.

In any case, our fun fact of the day: did you know that our own dear Mr. John Abraham is in fact himself a pageant survivor? Yes, indeed; before he ascended the steep and slippery staircase to Bollywood stardom, he achieved early notoriety by nabbing the coveted titled of Mr. Gladrags Manhunt* 1999.

He even traveled to Singapore to compete - as seen on the catwalk here - in Mr. Manhunt International. Sadly, he was robbed, and only got first runner up. He lost to Mr. Venezuela...

...one Ernesto Calzadilla, who, it must be said, makes a pretty convincing case for himself.

*Amazing drag name alert!

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