Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weather Report

Those of you dwelling in gentler climes than those we enjoy here in our eccentric little Sultanate may be interested - even appalled - to know that when I left the office this evening around 6:00 p.m. (oh, it's not all Champagne and brunches in these parts, darlings - we work) it was a salubrious 117° F/47° C.

Frankly, that's a temperature to heat plates in advance of a dinner party by, not to walk through. And it's only the end of May; where June or, heaven help us, July will take us, one hesitates to think.

Fortunately, holiday time is rolling around, and so Mr. Muscato and I will once again - if not quite soon enough - be escaping to cooler latitudes. But more of that anon.

(intertitle from Phantom of the Opera from the fabulous Shadowplay)


  1. It does get cooler, usually with the onset of the monsoon season in June. But it also gets more humid. So 47 may become 42 but muggy with it. Will you not be escaping elsewhere in July?

    Try Salalah. Salalah festival begins mid-July and temperatures hover in late 20s, early 30s C thanks to the monsoon which drifts in in June. It can be drizzly, but hey, it's not Muscat.

  2. 117 degrees? omg! you could fry eggs on the sidewalk!

  3. Ice packs in your girdle, Dear. One on each hip. Cooling and figure flattering.

  4. Oh, Suonnoch, as we head into our fourth summer in these parts, we're once again provided that truly Sophie's choice: the heat or the humidity. I would actually rather have it be 50 and bone dry (as yesterday) than 45 and humid (that weather that, when you walk outdoors, any paper you're are carrying immediately decays by ten years). And I've never really bought that it's all that much cooler, really, once the damp starts.

    Salalah is lovely, especially in the Khareef, but just try getting a hotel room!