Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mistaken Identities, Mogul Edition

Behold the Eos, at 93 meters said to be the largest sailing yacht in the world. It apparently came through these parts recently, giving rise to the following converation at brunch this weekend:

Mr. Archaeologist: Yes, it was huge - beautiful thing. X at the Yacht Club said it's owned by someone called Barry Diller.

Mrs. Archaeologist:
Some kind of producer, I think, isn't


Mrs. Archaeologist:
He wasn't ever married to Phyllis Diller, was he?

Muscato: [after prolonged startled silence]
Only in the most metaphorical of senses.

Actually, now that I think about it, more surprising even than that memorable image is the idea that the largest, fastest, tallest, or newest anything isn't owned by a sheikh. Kind of reassuring, somehow...


  1. barry diller and phyllis diller??? the mind boggles....

  2. I always thought that Barry Diller was gay. I was surprised to know that he's married to fashion designer. Diane von Furstenberg

  3. Well, from all accounts the two aren't exactly mutually exclusive. Although it's not the definitive proof that he was gay that marriage to Phyllis Diller would have been...