Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Turning Japanese

I really think so...

Yes, it's Zsa Zsa. Yes, she's dressed as Madame Chiang Kai-shek dressed as Eva Perón. Better not to wonder why; simply marvel at her utter Gaborness.

P.S.: I don't believe for a minute that that thieving, tacky final husband of hers lost her money to Madoff. If there still is any money, he knows exactly where it is. Delusional, dreadful climber. End of rant.


  1. And isn't that the fabulous Michael Kidd on the right?

  2. Donna Lethal, a big Gaborophile, and I were discussing the same thing. That fake prince has been stashing her money away all this time, and this is the perfect alibi he's been waiting for. Remember what an opportunist he turned out to be after Anna Nicole Smith died. Shameless!

  3. Yes I am convinced of the same thing. I doubt she has any money left. I LOATHE that man. I hope he comes back in his next life as a crack baby. Poor Saint Zsa Zsa.

  4. Actually, Zsa Zsa's looking like one of the Jackson clan here...