Thursday, January 29, 2009

Meanwhile, at the Harbour View Hotel

I'm starting our weekend off in a New Wave kind of mood, so here's a glimpse of one my favorite pictures, 1982's Starstruck (from which we have previously experienced the delirious water ballet).

Once upon a time, this was exactly how I wanted to look, dress, sing, and dance. Now that I feel a great deal more like that granny character (glimpsed here throughout), I'm very glad I did. Still haven't made it to Australia, though. Wonder what's up at the Harbour View these days?


  1. Ah, one of my favourite films too! I've been to the Harbour View a few times (I live in Sydney), although unfortunately it doesn't look like the film version much anymore.

    Sadly it was in the news not so long ago, after the accidental death of a patron who somehow fell over a stair railing and down a 2 storey stairwell. That never would have happened if nanna was in charge!

  2. Indeed not! Now I feel bad I didn't use her name - I love Nanna!

    And finding others who share one's odd adorations is one of the great joys of the Internet.

    I just watched the movie again recently and was amazed and pleased at how it held up, even though it's now a period piece and not a fashion guide...