Monday, January 26, 2009

Starpocalypse Now

Dalida. Nothing but fabulous.


  1. It might be an unpopular view, and I'm sure the gay mafia will be after me when I say this, but I'd gladly swap out the lives of Dalida and Madonna in a heartbeat. D had more talent in the glamour length fingernail on her pinky than Madonna in her over plucked, over worked out, over kabala’ed existence...

    Oh ye gods of the fabulous and divine, please take Madonna and return to us Dalida...

  2. Dalida? In a minute! In fact, after having only just encountered her over on Fabulon, I'd even take Italian ultradiva Mina over Madge these days!

  3. On my return to Paris, this coming April, I shall leave roses at her grave