Saturday, January 3, 2009

5 Non-Blondes

Pages from the Sydney Guilaroff Hall of Shame. Looks that never should have been.

Loretta "Goldie" Young

Bette "Cookie" Davis

Joan "Jayne" Collins

Norma "Torchy" Shearer

Cherilyn Sarkisian Bono Allman*

Kindest just to file these under "what were they thinking?" and move on. But first, gaze at the trainwreck that misguided glamour can be, and learn.

*A name that, when written out in full, is literally impossible to make any trashier. God knows I've tried.

1 comment:

  1. I kinda like Bette's little fluffy curls ... but I bet she didn't.

    It's rather odd that "Cher" rhymes with "hair" considering what she's done to it.