Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Will Never Forget It!

This is at one and the same time the least amused and somehow the most fabulous photo I have ever run across of the one and only Miss Sophie Tucker, Last of the Red-Hot Mamas.

And now we now why - it was that fur collar.

As for what's going on with the hair? The less said, the better.

It's as if she were trying, singlehandedly, to bridge the flapper-dowager divide, with only limited success. Still, she's a grand ol' gal and we adore her.


  1. "I was in bed last night with my boyfriend, Ernie..."

  2. I would have never recognized her from that picture.

  3. "..and he said to me, 'Soph,' he said, we have got to have a talk about that hair-bump'!"

  4. her picture has solved for me, at last, the pressing question of what to do with those used jiffy-pop foil helmets after they've popped the corn.