Saturday, January 10, 2009


Sometimes I worry that I natter on too much about the damn dog. But then I come across one of these snaps and realize that in the face of perfection, one must surrender.

Besides, it's my blog. You want cats, go see Joe.


  1. Aww he's your fur child, it just makes sense to include him in your blog. He's such a cutie.
    Fluffy Pants, I love that cat, my blog would be incomplete without him.

  2. In New York, the old ladies would exclaim, "such a ponim!"
    Great photo, full of character.

  3. Absolutely adorable. I would dote on him, too.

  4. What! No ! so cute! look at that nose! it doesn't even look real! oh, i coud just squish him!

    WV: pawkn
    as in:

    "Get back here child! Pawkn feed the cows hi'self!|

  5. Oh, yeah - he looks adorable enough. But make no mistake; like all great beauties, he's a harsh taskmaster.

    Especially when he wants out at four in the morning.

  6. Muscato,

    It's alright to be in love with a dog, especially such a cute one.

    But never forget it's a dog. Its always tempting to believe one's anthropomorphic characterisations to a degree most might consider, in hindsight, excessive. I'm sure you've recognised it in parents with babies...


  7. Oh, I think we're in generally pretty sane about him - he's spoiled, sure, but well-trained and far more a dog than an accessory...