Monday, January 5, 2009

Come See About These Closer than some, but still, pretty far wide of the mark. It's never a good sign if you can't tell if anyone is meant to be Flo, and there's something disturbingly draglike about the whole, even though I think all three are genetic girls. The Divine-eyes on Faux Diane there are really creeping me out.

Love the gowns, but what's with the giantess on the left? Flo was big, but not in that direction. Still not doing it for me.

Moderately better, and some very encouraging hair developments. Still, another lesson that it's just not enough for the dress to match when the rest of the magic just isn't there.

This lifts us to a whole 'nother level of professionalism, of course, and I am still just crushing on Anika Noni Rose (for the name and the performance, which I think was deeply undervalued), but still...

When you've seen the best, forget the rest. Who today - who since 1970 - has had this kind of shared magic?


  1. Quite true. Just look at the, even their nails say "Star."

  2. Even the nails? Especially the nails!

    It's all about nails, lashes, and wigs, and don't you forget it.