Friday, January 9, 2009

Birthday Girl: Glamour - The Next Generation

Never let it be said that here at the Café we're concerned only with the glamourpusses of yesteryear. We try to keep an eye on the next generation, too, and while that's usually more distressing than inspiring in this age of PariBritSay LoSpearTon, we're happy to bask now and again in those few who show real promise. Chief among them: the charming Miss Kate Middleton, who turns 28 today.

Let's hope that 2009 is the year that starts her firmly on the path to being the first Queen Katherine since Tudor days (and that things turn out better than it did for the last couple with that name).


  1. Gven a choice of the Heir and the Throne, I'd still gor for the Spare.

    Kate knows what she's doing and has it going on, to be sure. But I'd still take a run at Harry. He just gets sexier as Wills boyish good looks slip further and further away.

  2. Ah, but at least the elder can keep a civil tongue in his head.

    I sometimes wonder if Harry weren't somehow secretly the Duchess of York's child - he somehow takes after her very parcticular brand of tactlessness (not to mention her hair color)...