Saturday, January 17, 2009

Have You Met Our Aunts?

I love this portrait, even though I have no idea where I found the picture, or how, or why.

I think of them as Jeannie, Dot, and Gerry.

Jeannie's on husband number 3, Cliff, who buys her a new Lincoln every two years and takes her to Bermuda in the winter. Dot never found Mr. Right, but teaching third grade at St. Dymphna Elementary keeps her busy. And Gerry? Well, she's a good soul, but her Milton's never been much of a provider. You'd never know it now, but back in high school she was the pretty one.

Actually, what I think I like best is that it's really, in the end, a portrait about curtains and purses.


  1. Missing in action: Myrtle and Darleen.

  2. Well, Myrtle of course took the snap Uncle Teddy painted the picture from, and...

    You know we've agreed not to talk about Darleen. She's her own worst enemy, that's all I'll say.