Friday, December 12, 2008

When Worlds Collide...

..the results can be fabulous!

From India comes a breath of much-needed good news: Australian thrush Miss Kylie Minogue may be heading Bollywood-way! It's a combination of sensibilities that can only herald unprecedented amounts of sequins, staircase-numbers, and general, world-economic-collapse-defying excess. And that's a very good thing.

Starring with Miss K. will be veteran Sanjay Dutt (who has a kind of Jean Reno charm, I suppose) and the lovely and talented Akshay Kumar, who would appear to be a worthy rival to Café regulars Upen Patel and John Abraham.

Those boys all seem to have a way with resortwear, and Akshay's no exception...

...although the general impression without the resortwear is even more favorable...

... I think that further research, as the Minogue epic Blue heads through production, will be warranted, don't you?


  1. wow!!! what a hunk!!! i have to catch up on bollywood...

  2. J'adore dear sweet Kylie; but the presence of that Hugh Jackman Of The East torso might hold my attention even more on the screen. We shall see.

  3. the guy looks a lot like a young fabian!!