Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Holidaze

This is apparently not a joke. I may have to call off all future Christmas observances, because nothing, I think, can top this. Except perhaps experiencing it live.

Perhaps it's just as well I live overseas. Two years have passed this since this item was released, perhaps somewhat diluting the sheer horror of it. Or perhaps not.


  1. eeeuuuwww!!!i'm scared of what this might sound like.

  2. I thought he was dead. No kidding!
    Then again, looking at him, he might be. He reminds me of the episode of the Munsters where little Eddie asks Marilyn's latest beau to kiss him good night. The guy recoils in horror until Eddie says, "Ok, then you have to kiss Wuff-Wuff." Wuff-Wuff was Eddie's wolfboy "teddy bear" and he looks exactly like this cover photo of Billy "the Corpse" Idol.