Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mystery Solved

Our dear TJB was the clever he-minx who correctly guessed that our recent faux-Streisand was in fact the marvelous Miss Debbie Reynolds, who at one time devoted a segment of her lounge act to impersonations of other fabulous creatures. Bravissimo - although I was taken with the idea of some of the other suggestions, which ranged from Suzanne Somers to Martha Stewart (I don't know what Misster Kitty's smoking, but I want some).

I think the real question here isn't what - in her fairly ample experience - Miss R. had learned about boys, but rather why she appears to be wearing a hat crafted from a salvaged wicker wastebasket and a swatch of shag carpeting...


  1. Hm Mizz Debbie Reynolds. Well I'll be a Kitty's uncle...

    To clear up what I'm smoking, it's generally something from a dollar store... it's full of lead and melamine and god knows what else; sure it takes a couple of years off your live but let me tell you... the view from up here... TDF.

  2. Whee!!! And, really, I think it says something about me that it was a complete stab-in-the-dark guess. I may not be able to understand quantum physics, debate articulately on politics, or cure cancer; but dammit, I can Spot A Gay Icon at twenty paces!

  3. i really thought it was phyllis diller! she used to have a nose like that...

  4. Larry, she still does... It's a paper weight on her desk.