Sunday, December 7, 2008

On the Catwalk of Questionable Choices

I'm not sure what to think about* this rather multi-culti ensemble being modelled by our own dear Mr. Upen Patel. The sarong's all right, I guess, and I suppose for the right occasion a Masai-beaded manbag with dangling gourds might be festive - but somehow the combo of that boxy jacket and two-tone pompadour creates a startlingly ... matronly effect that can't have been intentional.

They give the impression that the shoes, no matter what we would hope, might be espadrilles.

Or maybe it's simply that he's wearing far too much clothing, no matter its provenance. On reflection, that's likely it. Although the hair is, without question, fairly vile.

*In this case, darlings, that's Café code for "I positively loathe..."


  1. he looks delicious! i, on the other hand, don't look good in a sarong. or for that matter,a beret. thongs are problematical,too...

  2. something around neck - some stone/ shell necklace...or a locket...
    what do you think Muscato?

  3. He's having a Chico's kind of day, I think.

  4. AUGH - Jason FTW!! I actually did a little spit take on that one. SO true!

    In which case, yes, Bobby, you're right - definitely an ethnique stone/shell/faux-traditional bead necklace.

    Geez. They probably are espadrilles...

  5. What a sexy gorgeous man wearing this multi-culti outfit. Perfect for my rendez-vous.