Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sweetheart of the Demi-Monde

From the City of Angels comes sad news: Bettie Page, 50s pinup and fetish model extraordinaire, has been hospitalized following a heart attack. America's most wholesome bondage idol is, rather astonishingly, 85.

From all accounts, she's had a hard life that has included meagre returns for the, in its own way, staggering fame that has accrued from her stag loops and girlie pictures. That's a shame, for she was one of the most remarkable-looking, photogenic women one can think of.

She's been photographed of late only a handful of times. In all that I can see, she is still startlingly lovely. Let's hope for the best for her.


  1. i haven't yet seen the film about bettie page from a couple of years ago,but now i will...

  2. Apparently she just had a heart-attack, after being hospitalized for three weeks with pneumonia...