Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh Dear.

So I thought I'd do a cute little post about how Mr. Muscato is, at last, heading back this evening from Egypt. Two weeks is the longest we've been apart in a couple of years, and it's been...odd.

I think Koko and I are ready for some company, if nothing else.

So I wanted to find some cunning image that illustrated the moment - I was thinking maybe a vintage airport postcard with fifties Mom meeting businessman Dad, or maybe a heartugging WWII image of one of Our Boys back from Over There.

But this is what I googled. It was so awful I knew I had to share it with you. Forgive me.

If I wake up after I die and the architecture is all Greek revival, I suppose I won't be all that surprised (although, myself, I would have gone with white-and-silver Cedric Gibbons Moderne).

If I'm being hugged by Hunky Jesus (look at those hands!), so much the better.

But if whatever the afterlife is includes Vast Marauding Phantom Pigeons, I'm outta there.

Anyway, off to the airport...


  1. At least the "artist" didn't depict Jesus giving the dude a soul bump...

  2. Where's the Stigmata?

    And what was your search term?!

    - - -

    Word Verification: rappenow (OH MY!)

  3. "Vast Marauding Phantom Pigeons"..I just fell a little bit in love with you, Muscato.

  4. It looks like fluorescent lighting up there.
    Count me out.

  5. how cut!!
    when i am I goin to find such pics of Hidnu gods??

  6. Larry: hence His name.

    TJB: This is just one version of this scene by the same artist. Give him time.

    Misster Kitty: I think in general this is a take on Xian theology that removes as much of the unpleasantness as possible. And as for my search term, it might as well have been "rappenow". That's certainly how I felt when I stumbled on it.

    Bill: Too kind - but careful, as flattery will get you everywhere...

    Jason: I'm with you. At my age, I don't go anywhere flourescent.

    Bobby: for pics of Hindu gods, simply click on either "Mr. Patel" or "Mr. Kumar" in the right-hand column (from his name, I'm guessing that Mr. Abraham, alas, doesn't qualify...).

  7. I used to have a friend in, devout Catholic (lots of 'em in that town) who had a hunky Jesus painting over the foot of his bed. I always accused him of engaging in self-abuse while gazing at that painting, just to see him turn multiple shades of rose and cerise.