Monday, July 20, 2009

When Ladies Meet

This publicity photo is ostensibly just of three favorite supporting ladies modelling the spring's new fashions and hats.

However, I do feel that it could just as easily be construed as beloved ditherer ZaSu Pitts deftly - and to the surprise and, one feels, satisfaction of Paula Laurence (caught in the midst of her trademark Martita Hunt impression) - ripping a mouth-breathing Celeste Holm a new one.

You just know ZaSu could drop the Vera Vague act any time she wanted to, and one can hardly think of a more suitable target.


  1. Oh, Zasu, Zasu, Zasu....

    I don't have anything else to share. I jut like to say "Zasu."

  2. Perhaps they're discussing going down to the USO Hollywood Canteen tonight to 'make some soldiers happy.'

  3. Oh, Zasu, comment allez vous?