Saturday, July 4, 2009

A-Meryl-ca, I Love You!

Now, God knows we here at the Café adore the ground on which Miss Streep walks, and I know that this is a daring choice from a rising young designer, but... I'm not convinced. This is more a Cindy McCain kind of frock, don't you think?

Actually, I think it's what Sarah Palin should have worn for her big announcement yesterday. And every day for the rest of her wretched life. Sorry, didn't mean to venture into politics, but somehow, it just crept in. Schadenfreude shows up at the oddest moments...


  1. Cindy McCain would never have desecrated our God-given symbol of America like that. She would've just had it accurately reproduced in diamonds, garnets and sapphires in a tasteful scarf pin (so she could scratch her wrists with it later)