Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Mrses. Bogart

First up - Miss Helen Menken

A brief detour; number two, Miss Mary Philips

Three was not the charm - Miss Mayo "Sluggy" Methot

And finally, he gets it right.

Remarkably, #2 (otherwise almost startlingly obscure) may have been, classically speaking, even more lovely than #4.


  1. One wonders if Bogie got it right because Miss Bacall was right, or that he'd simply matured and aged to the point that he could weather, and manage, the storms of a developing relationship.

    Where did you ever find these obscure photos?

  2. Not the softest bunch of women I've ever seen.

  3. I've never seen the first two. Louise Brooks wrote that he and Alice Brady were an item, back in the 20s.

  4. He does seem to have had...eclectic...tastes, with, as dear Bill points out, a bit of a thing for the Bossy Betties.

    Literally, on the fourth go-'round. But isn't it nice that it all worked out in the end?

  5. #2 looks remarkably like the young Miss Stockard Channing.