Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What a Feeling

Oh, I'm happy for them, really I am, but as for myself, I'm feeling faint.

Greta Garbo. John Abraham. Charles and Naomi and their spawn, Thing 1 and Thing 1.4. Sometimes it's hard to believe we're all one big happy species, isn't it?


  1. Right to left, that photo reads like someone's transition from chubby but bubbly childhood, into awkward adolesence (saved only slightly by softball proficiency), on to frustrating adulthood as a glum housewife with a yearning for something more, and on into full (yet stoic) blossom as a transmale.

    Hopefully, Harry (the former Harriet) really is feeling fine.

  2. I bet 'pass the mashed potatoes' was a frequently uttered phrase in the George and Naomi household.