Saturday, July 11, 2009

Doctor, Doctor

Yet another travel snap, from the cemetery in Montmartre. This rather arresting monument is just down the way from Dalida's and was, it seems, the inspiration of a Dr. Pitchal. My money is on his having been a Magritte fan.

I love Google! Writing this, I thought of looking him up. Well, it turns out that Dr. Pitchal's widow has written up their great affair - and she claims to have been Dalida's best friend on top of that. She sounds like rather a character herself:

"Jacqueline's life is rich in adventures; whether at the court of the Shah of Iran, or in Los Angeles, Palm Beach or Dubai. From the ministrations of a healer in Marrakesh which almost left her blind to her kidnapping and ransom in Saint Tropez in 1982. Jacqueline Pitchal has truly lived many lives in one."

And to think I thought Mr. Muscato and I had a colorful life. You really need to read more about her; it all made me need a nap. But not as long a one as that on which Dr. Pitchal has embarked...

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