Thursday, July 16, 2009

Birthday Girl: On Her Toes

The one and only Ginger Rogers would have been 99 today. Just because it's trite doesn't mean it's not true: anything Fred could do, Ginger did backwards in heels. Having had to do one or two things backwards in heels in my time (yes, I've gotten around, children), I've always found her an inspiration.

She may have been a right-wing flake, and, especially in later life, not the sweetest peach in the orchard, but oh, my: when she was dancing, she made it seem like the most wonderful thing in the world to do. She had a fine way with a wisecrack, too, and I have to say that, most of the time, if I had to choose, I'd rather see a Ginger movie without Fred than a Fred movie without Ginger. But how nice that we have their ten together - two or three sublime, two or three superior, but even the least still a FredandGinger.

It may just be time to see Follow the Fleet again; that, of course, comes with the added bonus of Randolph Scott, so if I seem a little distracted today, you'll know why...


  1. Funny you should choose the phrase "not the sweetest peach in the orchard" because I often find her rather fuzzy face a bit of a distraction.

    Not a big fan, but you're so right: That girl sure could dance.

    My family and I rode in an elevator with Ms. Rogers to the top of the Contemporary Hotel in Disney World (back when it had just opened and was sort of something). We were going to see Jane Powell perform, and I suppose Ginger was, too. All I recall is her big white fur coat and my mother being a bit starstruck.

  2. Oh, and the Hirschfeld is just grand.

  3. Well, when we went to the Contemporary, also not long after it opened, we saw Gordon MacCrae. No other stars present; in fact, I remember being rather disappointed that Meredith MacCrae wasn't there.

    But he was terrif, and was impressed that I knew the words to whatever his singalong/audience participation number was (It may have been "Surrey with the Fringe"). Looking back, I realize that Gordon MacCrae may have known I was gay nearly twenty years before my parents did...

    But how cool to have seen Powell and Rogers in one night!