Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fashion Tip

Mink panties, however fabulous, are not slimming. And I worry about heatrash, especially when worn under lined sequined skirts. Still: mink panties! And what's better than that: matching muffs!


  1. A Monistat commercial in the making.

  2. I knew you'd be first in on this one, you saucy minx!

    [...trying to think of minx/mink joke. Failing...]

  3. So take back your mink
    To from whence it came
    And tell them to Hollanderize it
    For some other dame

    Those panties are going to take a lot of sawdust at Hollander & Sons.

  4. If they were Russian, they’d be minxes from Minsk in mink.

    Say it fast.

  5. I remember some mid-70s GQ magazine with a photo of a broad-shouldered model wearing gray cotton drawstring sweat pants and a mink turtleneck....just the thing for jogging!