Monday, July 27, 2009

Gurkhapalooza '09

Dear Joanna Lumley has been received as the Absolutely Fabulous goddess she is upon her arrival in Kathmandu. Her campaign for rights for Gurkha veterans in the UK has enormously endeared her to Nepal, and now she's visiting the Himalayan hideaway to see firsthand the Gurkha homeland. She'll be meeting the president, having tea with the British Ambassador, and touring remote villages home to Gurkha widows and families.

I always knew there was more to Patsy Stone than just a pretty (blotto) face. Do you suppose that Jerry Hall, Twiggy, Petula Clark, and other vintage names are now berating their publicists in a desperate search for a cause that will get them the full scarves-and-flowers deity treatment?

And children - this is what 63 looks like. Maybe we all need a good cause...


  1. Tea?

    I'd expect no less than a bottle of Stoli!

    wv: swigra
    Knocking back a Viagra cocktail?