Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pull up to My Pity Party

Grace Jones played the Hollywood Bowl last weekend. She was by all accounts spectacular, and this is just one of something like 137 costume changes.

Even though I have never lived anywhere even remotely near Los Angeles, the very idea of not being there has left me oddly aggrieved - a side effect, I suppose of living too damn far away from everything.

UPDATE: And now she's in New York. AUGGGHHHH!!!


  1. Grace Jones, still a goddess stalking among us, is starting to look like Sylvester. Is that a bad thing?

  2. Au contraire, I think it's a kind of harmonic convergence of fabulousness!

  3. Wow. Who knew that Calatrava designed costumes?

  4. Actually, I was thinking it's more a Keith Haring - My Little Pony collaboration. Or possibly Aubrey Beardsley and an albino lobster.

    Whatever way you look at it, insanely fabulous.